Selecting The Right Retaining Wall Builder In Newcastle



Whether you have a small retaining wall you need building.Or you have a large landscape job you need done. It’s really important to find the right retaining wall builder in Newcastle that you feel you can trust and you get a long with. Depending on the size of the job they might be there for a while so this is an important step of the process.

Getting Yourself An Honest Quote


Step number 1 of the process is getting the builder out to your site to give you a quote. This is the first point of interaction and you’ll pretty much get a feel for the professionalism they have.

Another fair point is if a retaining wall builder can’t give you a ballpark quote upfront or within a certain time frame then there might be an issue or two down the track. This may not happen but I’m just pointing it out. Any quality retaining wall builder in Newcastle should be able to give you a fair idea as to what the job may cost.

An exception to this is if the job is a large one. Like a whole yard with different individual jobs that need to be put together back at the office and tallied up.

Questions? Of course. Ask Away. That’s important for your Newcastle Retaining Wall builder.



Make sure you can get your hands on a detailed outline quote before you agree to the job. That will involve something like the outline of the job proposal. The tasks involved and a breakdown of the costs of labour and materials. Make sure your quote clearly states weather the price can fluctuate based on condition changes and or materials.

If you can get a good flow of communication from the start. That in my eyes is a positive start.


Is Your Newcastle Retaining Wall Builder Licensed and insured?


This is a no brainer really. And I’m sure you have this covered. But It’s important to cover this. Having these two steps covered means the retaining wall builder meets the Australian standards of quality and safety. Important notes to factor in.

Make sure that all the workers are insured to work on the site and they have public liability insurance just to give you piece of mind. Also make sure the insurance policies are up to date.


What this will do is weed out the bad businesses. As if they haven’t got these details you know they are not above board. And if they cannot prove it you know they are just bullshitting. If your happy with the info I’d say your good to go.


An example of this that I know of is. There was a young apprentice on the site unattended that was using a power tool. And yep he cut off his finger. And the builder wasn’t covered because he left his apprentice unattended. Not very professional. So if you knew this and noticed it you could point this out. But if all the details are all good this would not happen.


Relevant checks


This may not apply to a retaining wall business in Newcastle or anywhere for that fact. But if your unsure of anything you could get yourself a background check. You just never know. And every honest business will not have a problem you going into this territory.


Passion for their Retaining Wall craft.


The best work usually comes from someone who loves what they do. Top quality workmanship comes with a tonne of passion and drive to give the best they can do. This can be a hard one to work out but a good way is to check out their work they have previously done. Usually you can find this on their website as they usually post previous work for potential future clients like yourself.


Where About In Newcastle Is Your Retaining Wall Builder Based?


For your sake this can be an important part of the selection process. The last thing you would want is for your builder to be late all the time because of traffic or other factors. You don’t really want to be building a retaining wall in Southern Newcastle and your builder coming from the eastern or northern side of Newcastle.


So when your looking. Make sure they are reasonably close to where you are. It’s just convenient really. Although this can be challenging in the bigger cities. Builders most often will travel for their work as I’m sure it’s not too often they will get work close by. Anyway. Hopefully this article gives you a few ideas as to what to consider when looking for a retaining wall builder in the newcastle area. If you are looking to build a retaining wall in the newcastle area feel free to get in touch.