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There’s something about building a new retaining wall on your property. It’s something you can admire and if built right can look spectacular. Here at Stylish Retaining Walls Newcastle we are the retaining wall specialists when it comes to building a new retaining wall. We specialise in helping you dream, design and create your new retaining wall to meet your requirements and to complement the beautiful Newcastle lifestyle.

Whether it’s ground stabilization, changing the contours of the land, levelling out certain areas around the house or even at your business, or maybe you’re looking to build a retaining wall as simply a garden feature or around a new or existing swimming pool. Building a retaining wall in Newcastle can be a solid investment you should look to consider. Not only does it add value to your land but also can add a touch of class and style to any property, making your Newcastle retaining wall unique to your property.

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Timber Retaining Walls

Timber retaining walls add a difference to any landscape area. They are as strong as any other type of retaining wall but add that extra natural effect that can blend into any landscape area. We can build a number of different styles of timber retaining walls.


Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls can come in a number of different styles and colours to suite the outlook you’re looking for. Concrete retaining walls can add a real touch of class to your property. And are a very durable product.


Stone Retaining Walls


Stone retaining walls again can add a that natural feel to your property. They can blend into most backgrounds and add a touch of style and that country feel. You have many options available with a stone retaining wall. Size style and colours.


Dry Stack Retaining Walls

Dry stack or brick retaining walls add a different style to the other walls but when done right can truly look amazing. There are many options with building this style of retaining wall

Here At Stylish Retaining Walls Newcastle. We Build With The Best Materials Available.


There  aremany different types of materials available for you to build your new retaining wall. You can check out our service page if you like. Knowing the different types of materials gives you many options. We can construct the following.

  • Different types of Besser Block retaining walls
  • Timber and timber sleeper retaining walls.
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Stone retaining walls.
  • Brick retaining walls.

Not all materials are suited to every situation though. Most of the time there will be one or two styles of materials that will give you the best results for the area we are working with. Whether that’s a large or small area. If you’re thinking of contacting a builder in Newcastle for your next project make sure you talk to them about the different options you have available to achieve the best results with the materials you have available.

This is something we pride ourselves on. We can build you the highest quality Retaining Walls Newcastle has to offer.  Feature retaining walls can be a real eye catching draw card with your landscape project. Whatever style of retaining walls you go for we can make your landscape look amazing. At Stylish Retaining Walls Brisbane we are licensed and very capable of building any style of retaining wall you require. Because of this we can offer our clients retaining walls anywhere from 2 meters high, right through to 6000mm features walls.


Why Use Us To Build Your Next Newcastle Retaining Wall.


At Stylish Retaining Walls Newcastle our builders will work closely with you to service your inquiries throughout the whole stage of building your new stylish looking Newcastle retaining wall. If you wish to know a bit more in detail about retaining wall construction you can read this. Or this article from the Sydney council.

First we will have a relaxed chat to get an idea as to what type of retaining wall your looking to build. Then we will evaluate your land to get an idea of what we are working with and the option we have available.


Then we will work closely with you to get you the best price possible for the style of retaining wall your looking to build. We’ll work with you through the design process and will only move forward when you are completely happy with what we have designed.


Then we’ll move onto the construction process. If required we can also help organise the engineering process and help guide you through possible building permits and protection work notices if required. Although we are building your retaining wall we will make sure your satisfied throughout the whole building process. If you have any questions or your ready for a free on-site consultation please feel free to give us a call